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For passengers

Q. Who’s Salek?

Salek is an Egyptian joint stock company established 2017 with 100% Egyptian capital as a user-friendly mobile and web-based application that serves the richness of the ride, transportation and cargo experience that gives our valued customers (both retails-companies) different clear options, with a competitive price plan, based on the power of diversification, empowering the users, and reshaping the industry of transportation in Egypt by delivering a new concept which gives a professional performance with advanced tools.


Q. What are Salek’s services?

• Salek Commander

• Salek Taxi

• Salek Eve

• Salek Winch


Q. How are fares calculated?         

• Salek calculates your pay based on the actual (distance + time) even at peak hours.


Q. How can I know the cost of any trip?

An estimated fare displaying below any Salek services, you can see them in either salek website’s fare estimation or salek app easily then selecting the service you want.

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