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SALEK is a 100% Egyptian joint stock company providing all transportation services to individuals and companies, passengers and goods through IT solutions and mobile phone applications. In a simple manner and distinctive characteristics, Our goal is to serve all members of the Egyptian society.

Salek is more than an application:

With Salek you and your family in safe, with Salek Eve you and your children will arrive anywhere from door to door, with Salek “winch" by one click get a ride for you and for your car ;)

Goodbye to the counter .... with Salek you will pay for your trip whether there is a traffic jam or at any other time, no beak-hours anymore.


Download Salek App then choose from various Salek services:

1. Salek Malaki.

2. Salek Taxi.

3. Salek Eve.

4. Salek Winch.

Book it now! And pay as you want, because we simply provide to you all the payment methods, such as:

credit card - your Salek wallet - Cash